Right to Brag : My son, the animal lover

Right to Brag

Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.
There have been many moments I have been proud of.  But this incident was something so unexpected that I felt very proud and happy. During summer vacations last year,  me and my sons, aged 13 and 7 had gone to visit my parents in Kerala, India.
In a nearby ground,  a stray dog had just given birth to 3 puppies.   No one was keen on taking the dog or her puppies in their house.   When my elder son, Sid, saw this,  he was very upset.  He requested my mother to take them in and she also refused saying that she is too old now to take care of the pups. At that point, my son took it upon himself to look after the puppies.  He prepared a soft bed for them with grass and some old boxes.   He would regularly get them milk and will see to it that they drink up the milk and not by some other passing stray dog.   He will then put them on his lap and spend hours just taking care of them.   He also got my younger son involved. Every day, when sending across the milk, my mother would crib about the unnecessary activity and expense.
One day,  my mother said that there is not enough milk in the house to send across for the puppies.  Without a moment’s hesitation, my son said that he will not drink his share of 2 glasses of milk.  Instead,  he will feed it to the puppies.  In that moment, i thought about the selfishness of our existence.   We are having an abundance of everything and we have forgotten the basic aspects of sharing some for the have-nots.   It brought a lump to my throat and I felt very proud of my son, as I felt he has learnt a very important lesson in life – of kindness and of sharing.
With his tireless efforts of the two weeks we were at my mother’s home,  the puppies were healthy.  And they survived.  Sometimes, it takes very little to make a difference to a life.