A Daily Walk

A Daily Walk

Daily Walk
Daily Walk

Every day (almost) I go for a daily walk.  This is a ritual I do in the evenings.  My siblings ask me, what is so great about it? Who has the time for this? We can’t see anything positive about it.

To be honest, initially, it was very difficult for me to take the time out to go for this walk.  Earlier, my children were too small and I couldn’t really leave them home alone.  Then, it was their schools, tuitions which made me time-bound.  On top of all this, the 4 hour commute to work and putting in 8-9 hours at the office everyday.  In a routine medical check-up, I realized all my vital stats were northbound.  It had not reached any danger levels but the threat was there.  By then, I had started working from home and my movements were limited to the inside of the house and no exercise whatsoever.

That’s when I decided to take control of my life.  An hour needs to be spent on myself.  And not in front of any digital gadgets like TV, laptop, cellphone, ear phones, kindle or even my books.  I had to take time out for myself away from the daily routine.

After many years, this needs some preparation, mentally and physically.

First, I thought up every excuse to avoid the walk and gave a logical reason to negate the excuse.  That was a big block in my mind which I overcame.

Second, I decided to start off with a 15-20 minute walk come rain or shine.  Since, I had solutions to all my excuses, there was no way to avoid it.  I literally forced myself to get out of the house.

Third, to avoid boredom, picked up different routes everyday.

Gradually, I began to increase the walk duration and over a couple of month’s time, I was able to walk for 1 full hour and some more.

The other important thing, during the walk, is the thoughts that we have.  Its a time to connect with yourself.  Reminisce about life in general, think about what do you want to achieve, how are the children growing up.  Listen to the sounds of life on the way – the birds chirping, wind blowing, people talking, children playing, vehicles honking.  See the colors of life – the trees, flowers, the people. Take in the surroundings, be fully aware of it.   If nothing, just sit down and watch the world go by.  Its beautiful.

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The daily walk has given me many benefits, medically and mentally, and would recommend you to start on the same.   As per statistics, the productivity at work has improved too.  So, get your pair of walking shoes and start off.