Book Review : ‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer

‘Into the Wild’ is a book which I would normally never pick up after reading the synopsis on the back of the book.  But as part of May @TSBookClub #TSBCChallenge, this book was assigned to me and so I had to read it.

Well, I started off the book with no expectations.  But the initial few pages got me hooked.  It’s basically the true story of a vagabond called Chris McCandless who calls himself ‘Alex the Supertramp’.  During the most difficult of his adventures in the strenuous environs of Alaska, he dies.  The whole book is about the how, what, why he went to Alaska. It’s as plain and simple as that.

But, what makes the book interesting is that, it makes you think, introspect.  Through the travails of Chris or Alex, as he calls himself,  the author tries to find a deeper meaning to life and how we are living it.  It actually, made me think of the pointlessness of an organized existence, the wastefulness of planning one’s life, the way we live our lives ensuring a secure future instead of living in the present.

Chris persuades you to enjoy the journey of life and live life to the fullest instead of trying to reach a destination of getting rich, or getting a house, or having a family.  The message in the book is not really of a preaching nature.  It needs to be discovered, one layer at a time.

On the whole, its a beautiful book.  Something you can read again and again and highly recommendable.