Daily Prompt : Writing space

Daily Prompt has asked ‘Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.’ 

I have been wondering what to write for this as I do not really have a set place where I can get inspired and start writing / typing away.  But I read some of the other blogs and felt, they also sound like me.

I do have the corner in the bedroom wherein, I have a table, laptop, unlimited power supply, wi-fi connection, printer, my music, books, blah blah.  But, where is it that I really write.  I have felt, most of the times I do the thinking when going about my daily chores.  The process is always in the background of my thoughts. I plan, write, order, recheck the posts in my mind.  Then its just a matter of keying into the laptop.

Of course, I do re-read the points I put into the post because, sometimes what you think may not sound good when seen in written form.  I also note down random thoughts when I am not at my desk on my phone.  I can refer to the same later when actually putting in the writing.

Regarding noises, distractions, well I can thankfully do the job under any circumstances.  I just switch off from the surroundings and can fully concentrate on the task.  Something which I became an expert in when I was a child.  At that time, my family was living in a small 1 room flat.  With my siblings for company and a constant stream of guests,  I had to concentrate on my studies. With so many distractions around,  I have learnt to switch off and concentrate on only the necessary activity.  It has helped me over the years, working in noisy places,  studying when travelling or at home with the kids around.  So, what desk are we talking about?