Is religion over-rated?


Disclaimer : All opinions are my personal and don’t intend to hurt any religious sentiments

Religion is man-made.  It is made for the sole purpose to make life easier for mankind.  In a time and a period, when nothing existed,  religion was used to manage and guide people to follow a certain path.  It taught the people how they should live their lives, how to conduct themselves in life. Since the people were living in different regions, there are different religions followed which have been correct during the particular period of time.  Therefore, many religions have thrived over the ages and many religions have also perished over the ages.

Cut short to the scenario now in the world.  The world is a more local place.  We are global citizens. An enlightened person will understand that all the religions have somewhat a similar structure and objective.  Since the differences between the people are much less, and people are now more tolerant towards people of another religion, the religious lines are blurring.  We can call these people as spiritual who are believing in God, but not following a particular religion.

In this context,  I feel, in the current scenario religion is really over-rated.  I believe, the persons benefiting most from religion at present is the politicians and the religious godmen who are manipulating them to their own benefits.  The politicians are playing with vote-bank politics by appeasing some community or caste to get more votes.  The religious godmen are accumulating wealth.  Religion is being manipulated everyday and not really benefitting the common people for whom it was made.  It is becoming irrelevant and will continue to lose relevance as mankind progresses.

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