It’s raining in Mumbai

After being delayed for a month,  it finally rained today in Mumbai.   Its a big relief and the whole city is happy welcoming the rain,  relieved from oppressive heat.    Mumbai receives monsoon for 4 months only during a year (June to September).  And this rain is required to sustain the city throughout the year.  It also helps to bring down the heat which continues over from the month of May.  Mumbai being a humid city, the heat and sweat is unbearable.

So,  as soon as it rains,  there are very typical things which a Mumbaikar does .. which will qualify you as a Mumbaikar

1) Get out and get wet – well, its tradition to get wet in the first shower.  ‘Pehli baarish’.  Its also been romanticised in many Hindi movies.

2) Play football – India is not really a great football playing country.  But as soon as it rains,  its mandatory for the Mumbaikar to have a game of football.

3)  Go on a road trip – Hordes of people will now get into their cars travel to nearby destinations of Lonavala, Malshej Ghat, Pune and many more places which become green and has many waterfalls.  This makes the rains more beautiful

4)  Ride the two-wheeler – This is one of the best things to do.  Get onto the two-wheeler scooter and let the rain fall on your face.  It’s an awesome feeling.  I wear a raincoat and get onto my scooty and go on a ride.

5) Walk in the rain – another favourite activity of Mumbaikars.   Just simply walk in the rain and get wet.  This is not same as point 1.

6) Eat the street food – Inspite of warnings,  the Mumbaikar will still eat street food – Vada pavs,  Samosa pavs,  Onion bhajiyas

7) Drink Tea – As soon as it rains, take a cup of tea and watch the rain falling pitter patter on the window sill,  roof tops, car tops.

And during very heavy rains –

8) Do nothing – When it really pours and streets get flooded,  there is really not much we Mumbaikars can do.   So, just laze around the house,  read a book, catch up on movies,  meet friends,  play indoor games like carroms and chess.

But there is one thing for sure,  there is never a dull moment in the life of a Mumbaikar on a rainy day.

What else would you do on a rainy day?  Pls send me your comments.