Practical time saving tips for working woman

A working woman in Mumbai as in any metropolitan city, has to deal with a lot.  She has to be a ‘smart’ working woman as she has to work hard and enjoy life even harder.   She looks after the family – home, husband, kids, in-laws, parents.  She maybe working a regular job and add to that the average travel time of 3 hours,  but she has to ensure that the home runs smoothly.   That means, the kids and husband are able to leave for school and office on time,  your one daily routine and the smooth machinery of running the home is in place.   It’s not as easy as it sounds and there is a lot of planning, foresight and effort put in place by the lady to ensure that all of it works smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

Over a period of time,  there were many things I have done to ensure that each days are smooth.  In difficulties,  I have sought help from the other ladies who have walked the path before me.  Then, there are a whole lot of suggestions from our train friends.  All this has helped me in different ways to ensure life is smooth which I have mentioned below.  Hope its helpful to some one.  And do give me some more tips in the comments.

Plan ahead

1) Making weekly plans is the best.  Buy fish, veggies & fruits for a week,  groceries for a week,  snacks for a week.

2) Cut one or two vegetables and refrigerate.  Grated coconut, chopped onions, ginger garlic paste,  chapati dough, dosa-idli, appam dough can be refrigerated and used as and when needed.

3) Plan weekly menu in advance,  saves time on a daily basis and can avoid missing on any ingredients.

4) Fish can be cleaned and kept in separate bags in the freezer for consumption.  For having fried fish,  apply the masala also and then refrigerate.

5) Plan for visits to school, banks, etc in advance if possible.

6) Children always require stationery for their various school activities.  Its a good idea to buy some stationery in wholesale like notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners,  chart papers.

Get online

1) Get online for paying utility bills,  banking transactions.  For anything that you want to do, if an online option is available, go for it,  eg. School fees,  society bills, electricity and phone bills, D2H bill, credit card bills.   Create alerts on the online page to be intimated via SMS.


1) Use it for setting reminders,  alarms.

2) Setup the calendar on the smartphone which will help you plan your days and weeks.  It will also remind you for the meetings or tasks planned

3) Use it for your social connects which can be done when commuting, saves on time.


1) Make the children independent as much as age appropriately possible.

2) They should be able to have their school bags, uniforms, shoes and all paraphernalia ready a day before school (for morning school kids).

3) They should be able to open the door using your keys.  Make them accompany you for vegetable, grocery shopping.   They will pick up shopping tricks faster.

4) For slightly older children, above 12,  train them to make small snacks and juices so that they will be able to do them on their own even if you are away.

5) They should be able to make small errands which can be delegated to them.

Making these minor changes/additions, you will save on time and do the activities you love in the time saved.