A Sequel for Sholay!

Sholay Film Poster
Sholay Film Poster

In the season of remakes and sequels and prequels and even inspirations,  and a nudge from Daily Prompt, I have been thinking about which movie should have a sequel with a lot of possibilities.  First, thought about the movies which had an ending which had some closed and open options.  And zeroed in on Sholay, the Bollywood masala western blockbuster movie.  If you watch the movie today,  you will be amazed at the tight story, action, crisp editing, direction, music, humour.  Everything about the movie is in the superlatives which has been discussed umpteen times on the internet.  Just google on ‘Sholay’

But, the movie has a sad ending.  Jai dies leaving a very tearful Radha who is already a widow.  But is again in a sense widowed.  Thakur got Gabbar arrested, but wanted to see Gabbar dead.  Veeru loses his dearest friend and partner and is inconsolable.  He has his love, Basanti, waiting for him.  After the movie, we leave the theatre on a sombre note with mixed emotions.  Good has won over evil but lost in achieving this win, Jai is lost.  What will happen next?

Post 10 years, the scene has changed.  Thakur has died.  Radha has gone on to become a police officer.  Gabbar has escaped from jail again and swears revenge on Thakur’s family and Veeru’s family.  So,  Radha is trying to catch Gabbar and Gabbar wants to kill Radha.  Veeru and Basanti are now married.  They have an 8 year old son named as Jai.  They are all still living in Ramgarh in the haveli.  Gabbar returns to Ramgarh and the action begins all over again.

How would that roll out?


Post 10 years, another scene.  Thakur has died.  Radha is now running a school in Ramgarh for the villagers.  Gabbar has been reformed and has come back to Ramgarh to do penance for his wrongdoings.  As part of rehabilitation, Gabbar is given a job in the school as a gardener.  Veeru and Basanti are now married and have an 8 year old daughter named Radha who goes to the same school.  Basanti is worried about sending the girl to the school because of Gabbar.  As a reformed thief himself,  Veeru feels they should have more faith in Gabbar.  One day, the child is missing.  And all fingers pointing at Gabbar.  But, Gabbar is not involved this time.  Then who could it be.  Is there another villain lurking in the background?  Yes, there is.  It’s Kalia’s son who has come back to avenge his father’s death by Gabbar.

Wow! I can go on and on.  Any more suggestions folks?


Here’s the story of the movie Sholay.  for those who haven’t seen the movie,  I have pasted the plot below from Wikipedia.

Plot – source – Wikipedia

In the small village of Ramgarh, the retired policeman Thakur Baldev Singh (Sanjeev Kumar) summons a pair of small-time thieves that he had once arrested. Thakur feels that the duo—Veeru (Dharmendra) and Jai (Amitabh Bachchan)—would be ideal to help him capture Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan), a dacoit wanted by the authorities for a INR 50,000[a] reward. Thakur tells them to surrender Gabbar to him, alive, for an additional INR 20,000 reward.

The two thieves thwart the dacoits sent by Gabbar to extort the villagers. Soon afterwards, Gabbar and his goons attack Ramgarh during the festival of Holi. In a tough battle, Veeru and Jai are cornered. Thakur, although he has a gun within his reach, does not help them. Veeru and Jai fight back and the bandits flee. The two are, however, upset at Thakur’s inaction, and consider leaving the village. Thakur explains that Gabbar had killed nearly all of his family members, and cut off both his arms a few years earlier, which is why he could not use the gun. He had concealed the dismemberment by always wearing a shawl.

Living in Ramgarh, the lively Veeru and cynical Jai find themselves growing fond of the villagers. Veeru is attracted to Basanti (Hema Malini), a feisty, talkative young woman who makes her living by driving a horse-cart. Jai is drawn to Radha (Jaya Bhaduri), Thakur’s reclusive, widowed daughter-in-law, who subtly returns his affections.

Skirmishes between Gabbar’s gang and Jai-Veeru finally result in the capture of Veeru and Basanti by the dacoits. Jai attacks the gang, and the three are able to flee Gabbar’s hideout with dacoits in pursuit. Fighting from behind a rock, Jai and Veeru nearly run out of ammunition. Veeru, unaware that Jai was wounded in the gunfight, is forced to leave for more ammunition. Meanwhile, Jai, who is continuing the gunfight singlehandedly, decides to sacrifice himself by using his last bullet to ignite dynamite sticks on a bridge from close range.

Veeru returns, and Jai dies in his arms. Enraged, Veeru attacks Gabbar’s den and catches the dacoit. Veeru nearly beats Gabbar to death when Thakur appears and reminds Veeru of the promise to hand over Gabbar alive. Thakur uses his spike-soled shoes to severely injure Gabbar and destroy his hands. The police then arrive and arrest Gabbar. After Jai’s funeral, Veeru leaves Ramgarh and finds Basanti waiting for him on the train. Radha is left alone again.


Missing Sequels

If you could create a sequel to one favorite (standalone) movie, which would it be? How would it build on the original?