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Inter – Religion marriage still taboo among Indians ? What is your take on it . #indiblogger

More than differences in religions, caste, class, state, education, complexion et al,  it is more important to look at the mental compatibility of the individuals getting married.  I know many couples among my family and friends who have had an inter-caste marriage and are leading a happy and normal lives.  Thankfully,  I have seen that neither of the individuals have converted to the spouse’s religions.  Some of them are having grown up children who are also married now.  I feel, in an inter-caste, or for that matter any marriage in which the individuals are coming from a different strata of society,  immediate family support is very important as in parents and siblings.  Rest is up to the individuals to work it out.

On the contrary,  I also have many arranged marriages with matched horoscopes fizzling out in a few years.

Inter-religious marriages are becoming common in my home state Kerala and in Mumbai where I live.  Society are becoming more accepting of them.  One reason I feel is because in Kerala and in a metro like Mumbai,  people are more individualistic and are not really dependent on societies to accept them.

It will also be the same way in the future with hopefully religions blending in and we will have a more tolerant society.  Change should be from within oneself.