Work? Yes, Definitely


That’s interesting to think about.  If I didn’t have to work for money,  will I still work?

A few years ago,  I was unemployed for the first time in my life.  I had been working for about 13 years and wanting a change of scene, gave up my existing job for brighter horizons.  I had imagined to take a break from work.  I thought it will be the ideal time to look after my babies who were very young then, with the younger one being only 2 years old. I was imagining myself being the perfect housewife with a beautiful house, beautiful children and warm variety of foods for the family.

I was in this heaven for a couple of weeks.  Then I realised the pointlessness of the whole thing.  It was a cycle everyday, to get up, look after the family needs and the house needs.  But, I was feeling left out of the whole real world.  I was having no time to spend on myself.  No outings with friends as they were busy in their lives.  No meeting up my parents every other day as I had imagined.  Soon, I started losing interest in the creation of the perfect family.  I started getting irritated about everything, snap at my sons and husband.  I would wait the whole day for the husband to come back from work so that I can talk with him.  Whereas, all he wanted after a tiring day was to be left alone.  The environment at home was getting more vicious by the day.

One day, my elder son who was around 9 years old came up to me and asked me, ‘Mom, why don’t you go to work?’  It seemed like the last straw.  Here, I was sacrificing my life for the family and they didn’t seem to want me.  I snapped at him saying, ‘Why, don’t you want me at home to look after you?’  To which he replied ‘I definitely like to have you at home, mom.  But, I think you will be more happy if you are working.’  Then realisation hit me. I realised that instead of enjoying my domestic life, somewhere inside me I was craving to work outside.  I wanted my independence, my satisfaction, my sense of value.  And it is okay to be ambitious.  I am not really hurting my family by wanting to work. I realised, that to have a happy family,  I need to be at peace with myself first.   I got onto a job the next month and am really enjoying my work life.

Sometimes, work is not really about earning the money.  I think, I would be definitely working and contributing something useful for the world.

Daily Prompt : Work? Optional

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?