Finding my friend #Wow

Anil read the post on WordPress called #Wow Hello.   He thought about his wife Usha whose date of birth is Oct 28.  He called out to her, “Usha,  what was the name of your first friend when you were a kid?”  “Oh come on! How many times I have told you.  It’s ‘Lata’ ‘Lata’ ‘Lata'” shot back Usha looking up from her novel.  You could never catch Usha without her novel or the newspaper.

“And you said her birthday is in September?”, Anil persisted.  “Yes dear.  Hers is Sept 28 and mine October, same date.  Now let me read my novel in peace.  It’s almost the end of the book”.

Usha would never read anything on the internet.  She felt they were alien creatures.  There is no smell or character when reading on a computer.  That is another reason she has never had a Facebook account or any social media presence.  She preferred to use Anil’s Facebook account to check up on their family and relatives living across the globe.

Usha shut the novel as she finished it.  There she sat with a smile on her lovely face, still thinking about the story.  She asked  “So, why are you asking me about Lata now?”

Anil beckoned her to check out what he was reading on the internet.  Usha walked over and started to read the article in which Lata has been searching for her.  By the end of reading it, she had tears rolling down her face.  “Tell me, how can I reach out to her? I am missing her so much.  And I see she has also not forgotten me”.  Anil promised, he will check it out for her.

On Sept 28,  Anil and Usha boarded a flight to Mumbai.  And from the address Anil had managed to find, landed up at Lata’s house.  Anil rang the bell as Usha was trembling with anticipation.  The door was opened by a middle-aged woman.  She  was unrecognisable.  Usha asked, “Is…Is Lata home?”  The lady said, “Yes,  I am Lata”.  Usha just grabbed and hugged Lata and started crying with happiness.  In all this,  Lata didn’t have a clue as to what is going on?  ‘Who is this woman?  Why is she hugging and crying?’ she thought.

“Hey! Who are you? Get off me.  Ashok! Ashooook! Help” screamed Lata.  Hearing his wife in distress, Ashok rushed to the door.  He asked Anil, “What is all this?”  At this Anil tapped his wife, and asked her to compose herself.   Once Usha was a bit composed,  she told Lata about who she is and how she came to know about her.  Now, it was Lata’s turn.  She grabbed her childhood friend and hugged and cried all at once.   The next two days went off in catching up with one another and promises to keep in touch always.

It was the biggest surprise of Lata’s life and her best birthday present.

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