Writing 101: Serially Lost Part I


Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series.

In India, we move from school to  college when we reach the 11th standard/grade.  At that time, most of us are in the 15-16 age group.  An age, when we have lots of dreams, of conquering the world, getting rich, becoming a star.  It’s an age, when nothing seems impossible.

It’s also a life-changing year as we follow on specific education streams which will help us reach our goals.  I had decided to pick up Commerce as my dream was to become a top notch Chartered Accountant (CA).  If you ask me why I wanted to be a CA, there was no particular reason.  All my friends were planning the same.   We were four of us with the same dreams.

Before the X results are out,  together, we started looking up colleges, gathering feedback, checking the timings, travel routes, fashions in the campus.  During then, there was no internet, no cellphones.  We were very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Result day arrived.  I scored well enough to be eligible for my chosen college, but among my friends,  I was the lowest with just 4 marks separating me and my friends.

We applied to a few colleges though we were hoping to get into the same college.  The colleges put up 3 lists for admissions.  Each list contains the names of students from the top.  My friends got into the college on the 2nd list.  I was hoping and waiting for the third list so I can also join the same college as my friends.

But as luck would have it,  the college admission got full at the 2nd list.  They put up a notice saying, there will be no subsequent lists for admissions.  ADMISSIONS CLOSED.

The world came crashing down when I realised I could not get admission to the same college as my friends.  I couldn’t stop tears rolling down my eyes. Inconsolable,  I must have cried for days I think.

I then joined another college offering Commerce.  It was indeed a life-changing year.

I believe, this choice was chosen for me by Someone having better ideas for my future.

And what followed will be another post.