Writing 101 : Unlock the mind


The activity is to write for 20 mins whatever comes to mind on writing and why I write.

Why write? 

Well,  why do I write when there is so much written stuff around?  I love to write.  I have wanted to write for a long time, but was really scared to try it out.  Primarily,  I was worried about the feedback.  Then I was worried that my friends and relatives will laugh at me.  Maybe some of them will also be embarrassed about me.  But then I realised that just thinking about writing will really get me nowhere.  If I want to be a writer, I need to write.  As in if you want to be a swimmer,  you need to swim.  Or, to be a doctor,  you need to practise medicine.

My journey to write.

It was also not a decision I made one fine day. My journey actually started with twitter.  Here I met some amazing people who have been blogging for a long time.  Reading their blogs, taking tips from blogs that support writers,  I started on my journey to create a blog.  I was excited to see the in-depth valuable information for bloggers on the wordpress.com website.  I started observing the daily prompts and it’s responses.  I felt, I could also do it.  I started of with a small post in June 2014.  My friends on twitter obliged me by reading it and giving me feedback on the same.  This encouraged me a lot.  Slowly, the fear of feedback was diminished.  This is my 43rd post.  I have also noted many topics which I want to write about.

Lessons learnt along the way

I also realized that first and foremost, I need to write for myself.  If I am not enjoying the process, then its a waste of effort and time.  I also improved on my English articulation.  You can see the difference in my initial blogs and the recent ones.  I also understood, there is no need to have daily posts.  More than the quantity of the posts, it’s the quality that matters.  Compared, to June 2014,  I have fewer posts now .  But the number of visitors have increased,  the number of views per visitor has also increased.  Its been only three months now and I think its going good.  In the beginning,  I have been writing non-fiction.  But since last week,  indulged in fiction posts.  My first fiction post was for ‘Flash Fiction Friday’.  I received good encouraging feedback on the same,  so plan to do more fiction posts.  To keep the readers engaged,  I have created another blog (Fictionally yours) where I plan to write fictional posts only.   I am still working on the same.


Every ‘like’, every comment and every statistic on the blog makes me happy.  Its pure pleasure.


I can see myself walking into the sunset writing and publishing articles, short stories and by God’s grace, maybe publish a novel too.