The Betrayed #FlashFiction


‘Where did I go wrong? I had planned the moves meticulously. The pawns created a front line of defense. They had to be beaten to get to the horsemen, knights and rooks. The King and Queen, always guarded so well,’ thought the bishop Aidrian. His left leg was chained to the walls of the dungeon. The pain was unbearable.

‘Tell me Dee. Who is the betrayer? How did you get him?’, he asked.

Dee laughed. ‘You never saw it coming did you? Think about it’.

‘Who? Tell me who? ‘

‘There were so many signs. The person present in all your meetings, always in close contact with the King and knew all his moves. This person knew even more than all of you knew.’

‘The Queen?!!’ .

Dee smiled as the Queen entered the dungeon.

The Queen said, ‘In a fight, not long ago, your King had betrayed me by marrying me forcefully. I just returned the favor’.


I had written this short story for Flash Fiction Friday.

As part of ‘Rediscovering your Blogging Groove Day 7’,  we are asked to ‘Tell a Story’.