Love Rescued! #FlashFridayFic

‘The ball is to the left Kathy’ screamed Tim from the shore as Kathy walked deeper into the ocean.

She was searching for the ball which they were playing with at the beach.  But, she was not able to see properly in the glare of the sun, the high waves lashing against her.  The silly umbrella she was holding was making her off-balance.  She was a good swimmer, but it’s a high tide and she was slipping when walking on the sand.  She gave up on the stupid ball and was about to turn back, when she felt it.  She felt her feet off the ground and herself being sucked into the ocean with such force.

She cried for help.  But on this private beach, there was nobody else.  And she saw Tim running towards her jumping right into the ocean.  He was futilely trying to reach her.  At that moment, she forgave him as she knew he loved her.

160 words.

This flash story written for Flash!Friday Vol2-51