Love’s labour lost


Ananya loved Mitul.

She was willing to sacrifice all to be Mitul’s wife.

But Mitul was under family obligations.  He loved Ananya and said couldn’t marry her as he had to fulfill his parents’ wishes.  Since,  someone in his family had a love marriage, he had promised his parents that he will only have an arranged marriage as is the norm in India.  It sounded too silly to her.

‘But, then you had no right to love me.’,  she argued.  But Mitul was stubborn and felt he had to keep his family happy.

She had a tough fight between her heart and mind.   Heart was not willing to listen to the reasoning of unrequited love,  though mind was forcing the heart to stop loving.

Finally,  she compromised between the heart and mind.  She followed the age-old wisdom to set her love free.  If he truly loved her,  he will come back.  So, she stopped asking him to marry her.

She promised herself, that she will love unconditionally as her heart said,  but will control her expectations as her mind said.

And, one day Mitul got married! They lost contact in the era of no Facebook and cellphones.

Ananya and Mitul met several years later,  accidentally at a common friend’s place.

After the pleasantries,  he told Ananya, ‘We should have married’.

She was shocked and looked at him.  ‘Is everything okay with your marriage?’ she asked.

‘Yes it is.  But I realized after marriage that, I cannot live without you. I miss you.  I love you.’.

‘It’s too late now Mitul.   I have gotten over it.  But you will always be a sweet memory in heart’.

He just smiled through tears in his eyes.


P.S. : Sometimes, we don’t value what we have in our hands.  And we realize the value only after we have lost it.   Don’t wait for destiny to happen.   If it is worth it, grab it with both your hands.


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