College Library #FridayFictioneers


Ravi saw most of the students in the library were studying for the approaching final exams with serious expressions on their faces.  Some were dozing off incapable of taking the serious stuff anymore.  There was pin-drop silence maintained by the solitary librarian.

Ravi took out a coin from his pocket, and flicked it on the table.  It went  thud-thud-thud-thud.  In the cavernous high-ceiling library, it echoed off the walls.

The sound woke up the sleeping beauties.  The students went into peals of laughter looking for the source.    The angry librarian made a big ‘SSSHHHHHHH…SILENCE’.  Ravi quietly slipped from the library.

100 words.

Written for the Rochelle Weisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers

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