The sweet Blogging journey so far…



For sometime now,  I have been planning to put together this post in which I can describe the milestones of my journey so far.  It has been only 6 months now,  but I feel,  during this time,  I have learnt many new things,  my writing has improved,  my thoughts are structured, I am finding my writing niche.   Overall,  it has been very a beautiful journey.

And on this journey,  I have discovered some lovely friends,  words of encouragement,  beautiful blogs and a whole new blogging world.  I started this blog not for any monetary gains and basically no target achievements.  But still,  it is a hobby that its immensely satisfying.  And all your comments encourage me to raise the bar a little more.  Therefore,  I am keeping this as an award-free blog.  Your visits, likes and comments are awards enough for me.  But thank you people who awarded me.

I had started off with non-fiction posts and discovered having your own point of view is very important.  That is what defines you as a blogger.

Taking some mini-steps,  I am now moving into fiction too.  But I find myself at the bottom of the ladder.  There are many bloggers who are writing such lovely fiction,  I am just learning now.

Every ‘Like’ and every ‘Comment’ is cherished and revisited too.

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