Shattered #FlashFridayFic

Kinderspiel. CC2.0 photo by Hartwig HKD.

Bob wiped away his tears with a white handkerchief.  He was remembering his late wife Nina, when Sam drove up to his house.

Bob was surprised to see Sam after almost 40 years and let him in the house.

‘Nina’s gone.’  Bob said pointing to a young Nina’s photo on the shelf. 

                                                                                                                 Why do you think I came?

‘I know.  I came here to offer my condolence,’ said Sam, his pained eyes taking in the photo and other family pictures.

‘Don’t tell me you still love her.’  Bob said derisively.

                                                                                                                                 The arrogance.

‘I always did Bob.  She would have been mine, if you had never come into the picture’

‘If Nina had really loved you, she wouldn’t have married me,’ said Bob.

                     If Nina had really loved you, she wouldn’t have come to me for our secret meetings.

‘How do you think she could resist your fancy clothes and that big car?  She had hopelessly fallen for your bling.  She was so young and innocent.  And now she has died before her time.  ’

‘No Sam.  She genuinely loved me.  Maybe, not initially, but we have had a good life. ‘

‘We were lovers,’ said Sam softly and walked away.

Bob looked at Nina’s picture, his life, a sham.

209 words.

This post is written for Flash Friday.  The challenge included a picture prompt, and had to have a man-to-man conflict.