The Alien #FlashFridayFic

Friday Flash Fiction 150 words

Spying, 1972. CC3 photo by Daniel Teoli Jr.

Studying these creatures known as humans is so tiresome. They are so slow. What can you expect with those small feet and hands? They don’t seem fanciful at all. They look so ugly.

But Zed wants to know how these creatures are living on this planet, making fancy things out of thin air. The grapevine says, they have all they need inside their heads. They use it for creating all sort of things. They can move on everything on earth – walk on the land, be like fishes in the oceans and even birds in the air.

I take a closer look at the head. It’s just round with some fluffy colored threads called hair. And they can’t even use it to see what is behind them.

So, all I have to do is sneak up behind them and grab a few of them. Zed needs some specimens from this planet.