The Intruder #FinishTheStory

She was unaware that she was being watched.

The webcam had activated the moment Mili had entered the flat and detected movement.  It had sent an alert on Sam’s cell.  He could see the living area on his cell.  Ever since Sam had broken up with Mili,  there has been some weird going-ons in the flat. 

He had felt the presence of someone in the flat. Everything remained as it is, except that they were not quite the same. So, Mili is the intruder. He leaned back with a sigh.

He called up Carla,  Mili’s friend, to check about Mili’s whereabouts. Carla said that ever since the two separated,  Mili has not yet got a good place to stay. She is working during the nights.  But, Carla has not been to her new place yet.

Sam grinned and took the next day off.  He was waiting in the flat, ready to pounce when Mili enters.

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