Voices #FlashFridayFic

Jeanne d’Arc, 1876. Painting by Eugène Thirion. Public Domain.

‘No one ignores Lady Lucia’, said Lady Lucia, ‘you will only do whatever I tell you. Drink that juice’.

‘No..no..no..listen to yourself. Lucia is only being stupid. You don’t obey ladies anymore. Its poison’ said Lourdes sounding like the teenager she was.

‘Honey! You ignore both of them. It’s your wish to do whatever with your life. Don’t be scared of Lucy dear’.

‘Voices! Voices! Always! Telling me what to do!’ thought Maria. ‘I am just a housemaid in this huge castle. Are these ghosts? They are controlling my thoughts. How did they get inside my head? I only wish to sleep without them waking me up in the middle of the night.’

‘Are you going to just mop around or listen to me?’ it was Lady Lucia again.

Slowly, Maria sipped the juice, letting the sweet tangy taste fill her senses. Soon she will be able to sleep peacefully and no more ghosts.

154 words.

This post written for Flash Friday.