Book Review : The Red Sari #BookReview

The_Red_SariBook Details:

Name:  The Red Sari

Author: Javier Moro

Genre: Biography

Publisher: Roli Books

Publication Year: 2015

Number of pages: 429

Price: 395 INR

My rating: 3.5/5

The Storyline –

The book is a biography of the Indian politician Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.  The book traces the life of Mrs. Gandhi from the year 1965 when she met her husband Mr. Rajiv Gandhi till the year 2014. Through her life,  the history of Indian politics from the house of the Nehru-Gandhi family is traced.  The author,  Javier Moro, has sourced information about Mrs. Gandhi from her close friends and colleagues.  The book examines how Sonia’s courage,  honesty and dedication has made her a leader in the eyes of one-sixth of humanity.  From her idyllic childhood to her passionate love affair and from her days as a docile daughter-in-law to her current status of being the only Indian politician to have refused prime ministership.

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Monkeys #WordyWednesday

‘Mummy, look at those monkeys.  Aren’t they our ancestors?’ asked Sunny.

‘Yes dearie,’ replied Mummy.

‘Then how come only some of us evolved, and some are still monkeys?’

‘Look closely dear.  We are physically the same.  The same hands, fingers, feet, faces.  Except maybe for the tail and the fur on them, we are all alike. See how they eat bananas.’

‘But still they are different,’ persisted Sunny.

‘Beta, some of us are still monkeys inside.  Only the outward appearance has changed.  There are still many animals among us who have not yet evolved.  Be wary of them,’ replied Mummy.


The Independent Typewriter #FinishTheStory

‘The old typewriter had a mind of its own,’ whispered the dealer when I bought it.  That had excited me when I bought this typewriter.  I was going to start my novel on this one.  I was hoping the typewriter will help me type out some stories, help me describe some grandiose places.  I planned to put in about 2000 words in a day.  It meant that in a month’s time I should be done with my first novel.   And then I would publish it.  I was sure it would be a bestseller.  And soon some filmmaker would want to make a movie from the book like Harry Potter.   That would have silenced my nagging wife.

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The losing pleasures of Cricket

The losing pleasures of Cricket

India as World Cup Champions in 2011            Courtesy : Internet
India as World Cup Champions in 2011 Courtesy : Internet

With the ICC 2015 Cricket world cup going on in Australia / New Zealand,  the online, visual and print media in India is bombarded with exclusive news on cricket and everything surrounding cricket. Cricket is to India what football is to Brazil.  A religion.  And the religion has a God too – Sachin Tendulkar – and thankfully he was in our team.

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Falling Apart #FlashFridayFic

Funnily, we lived on a street called ‘Hope Street.’ A bleak, cold place with not much sunlight. Everything about it was hopeless.

‘Are you ready?’ Dad asked.

‘Yes.’ I had packed my suitcases, lettered all my clothes with ‘Sk’. The suitcases were outside the house ready to be put into the car trunk.

Mom was getting ready. Checking her hair, her skirt, her face and wiping a tear in between.

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