Falling Apart #FlashFridayFic

Funnily, we lived on a street called ‘Hope Street.’ A bleak, cold place with not much sunlight. Everything about it was hopeless.

‘Are you ready?’ Dad asked.

‘Yes.’ I had packed my suitcases, lettered all my clothes with ‘Sk’. The suitcases were outside the house ready to be put into the car trunk.

Mom was getting ready. Checking her hair, her skirt, her face and wiping a tear in between.

After today, there will be no one in the family staying at Hope Street.

As soon as I leave, Dad was going to live in a new house. But Mom was not going with him.
Mom was going to stay at Grandma’s home for few months and start on a job.

She looked scared, worried, nervous. She was probably worrying about me.

Mom came out of the bedroom and hugged me and between sobs was saying lot of things. ‘Don’t worry’, ‘we love you’, ‘you be strong’, ‘we’ll come to meet you.’

Dad also came over and said, ‘Don’t worry Steve. I’ll get the moon for you to see a smile on your face. ’

‘Why do we have to stay apart? Can’t we live together?’ I asked.

Both of them looked grim.

Flash Friday Fiction Vol3-11