Mumbai Rains #FlashFridayFic

Rain (Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica). CC2.0 photo by NannyDaddy.

They stood near the grilled windows looking out at the pouring rain.

‘Do you remember the day when we were stuck in the Mumbai rains? I had thought you would propose to me then,’ said Suni laughing at him.

‘Would you have said “Yes”?’ he questioned mockingly.

He walked out into the pouring Mumbai monsoon rain with an umbrella which is really useless if you are trying to not get wet. He walked past the square which was beginning to get flooded. He thought of the day 30 years ago.

The offices had closed down early due to heavy rains. The public transport had also come to a halt. People drenched to their skins were trying to walk back home. He had left the office with Suni and Joby.

It was pouring relentlessly. In minutes, the three of them were completely drenched. He was mesmerized by Suni’s animated talks and her laughter. They had stopped for a quick samosa at a roadside stall which had an overpowering delicious smell. Ginger tea with hot samosa and spicy sauce in the cold rain was heaven.

That was the moment he had fallen in love with Suni. But, hesitated to tell her and the moment was gone.

And Suni married Joby.

208 words.

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