My girlfriend’s father #FlashFridayFic

I jumped off the balcony into the ground and shot out of the yard as fast as I could. The kitty looked startled. I thanked God that it was a cat and not a dog. I walked back home and messaged Priya, ‘What sort of a father is he? With that stick in his hand, he looked like a gladiator.’

To which Priya sent me back two smiley faces. To hell with all those emojis. I messaged back two angry emojis. But she found it cute. That’s why I loved her.

The last time, we were walking home together and met the father on the way, he flew into a rage. He pulled her hand from mine and took Priya home. She didn’t even get to introduce me to him.

It was Priya’s birthday next week. With the gladiator around, I was thinking of ways to meet her and spend the day with her.

I resolved then that I am not going to play hide-and-seek with the father every time I am with Priya.

And then I remembered the kitty. He loved cats!

The next time I went to meet Priya, I went with a cute kitty in a basket and rang the doorbell.

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Flash!Friday: Vol 3-10