That thing called Love #WOW

Courtesy : Internet
Courtesy : Internet

Love is a waste of time .. I love this waste of time.. I want to waste my time.. I love to waste my time’ goes a popular song.  Its after all, LOVE that makes the world go around.  Some, may say its money,  but I definitely disagree.  We can debate it.

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of a First Love..

He came running up the flight,

And fell directly into my heart,

It was love at first sight,

But I was nowhere near a start.

Every time I saw him, the heart beat faster,

And dream up some whims as knees grew weaker,

A glimpse here, a smile there,

A glance here, a pass there.

Till I could take it no longer,

And one day, took all my courage,

To stop and tell him ‘Hi, I’m ……..’

He gave me the dazzling smile.

‘I know,’ he said,  ‘I’ve been waiting for a while

since the day I saw you at the end of the mile.’


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