The Independent Typewriter #FinishTheStory

‘The old typewriter had a mind of its own,’ whispered the dealer when I bought it.  That had excited me when I bought this typewriter.  I was going to start my novel on this one.  I was hoping the typewriter will help me type out some stories, help me describe some grandiose places.  I planned to put in about 2000 words in a day.  It meant that in a month’s time I should be done with my first novel.   And then I would publish it.  I was sure it would be a bestseller.  And soon some filmmaker would want to make a movie from the book like Harry Potter.   That would have silenced my nagging wife.

Back to the present, I pressed the letter ‘O’ and it typed out ‘P’.  I wanted to type ‘Once’ and it came out as ‘Pmvr’.   I shifted the handle to go to the next line.  Instead, it scrolled and left 5 blank lines.

The post is written for Mondays Finish the Story.  Read more stories here.