A woman wishes #MakeItHappen


March 8th is celebrated worldwide as ‘International Women’s day’ since the beginning of 1900s.  But in India,  the awareness seems to be a more recent one,  less than two decades I would presume.  On this Women’s Day, when the nation is outraged with the increasing rapes, insensitive comments of politicians and men in general,  lack of safety of women, I want to focus on the Indian Woman who existed a few centuries ago.   The Indian Woman who had more going for her than against her.  In the ancient Vedic texts,  women had the same rights as men and they were considered as equal.  There were also many famous women sages, seers, queens, physicians, educationists.  But with the advent of times, the women’s lot has changed.  In the developed countries, the women have equal freedom as the men.  But, it is not the same in India.  The Indian law is definitely the same for both the sexes and they are treated equally.  But there are cultural restrictions. Continue reading