A beautiful change in life #StartANewLife

People say marriage is a big change in life for a woman.  That, when the woman gets married,  she leaves her life as she has known and moves to a completely new life.  Besides the loving husband,  there is a new family to adopt complete with mom, dad, brother, sister.  The life just changes.  But,  for me,  I didn’t find it such a major change compared to the time we decided to move on to live in a new home on our own.

When I was married,  I moved into a life where more or less,  I have a mother-in-law and father-in-law as the roofs of the home.  And we all lived happily beneath this roof.  But 3 years later and baby in the house,  the place felt a bit small.  And after lot of deliberation,  me and husband decided to start life anew by moving into a new flat.  We had decided to stay close to my in-laws so we can remain close always.   Continue reading