My new home   #together

My new home #together


It was about 10 years ago.  We had purchased a new flat which was larger than our existing flat.  The first flat we owned had been bought from a builder and we had moved in instantly without much decorations.  But this was a resale flat.  When we had seen the flat, it was in terrible condition as it was resided in by people on rent.   But, we had liked the openness and spaciousness in the flat.  Also,  it was close to my in-laws place.  And frankly,  after 6 months of rigorous house hunting,  we were on the verge of giving up on our dream home.

But, everything fell into place in a matter of days and we were sure, this was the house meant for us.  It had all our pre-requisites – good space, large windows, airy and good light, nice view and a small balcony.    When we bought the flat, we knew that we had to completely renovate this flat and that included the floor tiles, plumbing, electrical, painting, grills, windows.  Everything had to change.

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