A beautiful change in life #StartANewLife

People say marriage is a big change in life for a woman.  That, when the woman gets married,  she leaves her life as she has known and moves to a completely new life.  Besides the loving husband,  there is a new family to adopt complete with mom, dad, brother, sister.  The life just changes.  But,  for me,  I didn’t find it such a major change compared to the time we decided to move on to live in a new home on our own.

When I was married,  I moved into a life where more or less,  I have a mother-in-law and father-in-law as the roofs of the home.  And we all lived happily beneath this roof.  But 3 years later and baby in the house,  the place felt a bit small.  And after lot of deliberation,  me and husband decided to start life anew by moving into a new flat.  We had decided to stay close to my in-laws so we can remain close always.  

We booked a flat just besides our current society and moved into it almost 14 months later.  Though we were mentally prepared and looking forward to the move,  nothing could prepare us for the initial period of loneliness we felt.  Returning to an empty home at the end of the working day was depressing.  Then the mundane domesticity of it all of doing the complete cooking, cleaning, paying bills, keeping the home running smooth was quite a new experience for us.  And to top that, we had not bought a TV initially as we were not really great TV watchers.  But in the empty house,  the TV is what we missed the most.  There is only so much conversation we could make.  It took us a month to buy a new TV and that was the longest month in our lives.  We still reminisce about it and laugh.

We also had some minor adventures in that first year of living alone.  We would sometimes forget to set the alarm for the mornings.  And then when we woke up late, it was complete chaos.  Or the time,  we put all our clothes out to dry on the window ledge.  And we came back home to dripping rain, wet rooms and the clothes in worse condition than we left them.  Both of us had taken lot of time to set up and child-proof the interiors.  But nothing could prepare us for the toys lying scattered all around the flat.  And my son would be playing in the kitchen with the utensils.  We used to spend most of the time in the kitchen as we cooked and cleaned together.  I had set up daisies on the window sill and in December that year,  they were full of white, pink and yellow flowers.  We also had a pigeon family who lived in one of the flower pots.  They laid eggs, the eggs hatched, the baby pigeons grew up on the window sill and finally flew away happy.   We spent 3 years in that flat and then moved on to a larger one with the family growing.  But,  nothing had prepared us for the adventures of life in that beautiful, small flat which was so full of surprises everyday and memories to cherish.

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