A tale of round rotis     #roundroti

A tale of round rotis #roundroti


‘Neeta,  the roti has to be perfectly round.  Otherwise, your in-laws will always abuse me saying that I never you taught you anything,’ grumbled Sheela, Neeta’s mother.

‘Surely mom, my being a doctor would be a greater source of joy to the in-laws than to have round rotis,’ Neeta countered.

‘Oh! I really blame your father for putting these fancy ideas into your head.  An ideal wife needs to make perfectly round rotis.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a doctor or the Prime Minister of the country.  Whether you are a good wife depends on your culinary skills,’ said Sheela.  By now, she was completely exasperated with Neeta.

Sheela was thinking of her friends who were always boasting of their daughters’ culinary achievements. And here Sheela could not even brag about a round roti made by her daughter.  Sheela then thought of calling up her mother to discuss this very serious issue.

Sheela phoned her mother in her native place.

‘Hello amma!  How are you?’  asked Sheela.

‘I’m as good as I can be at my age,’ said the old lady.

Sheela then went into a monologue of her daughter’s marriage prospects and her lack of culinary knowledge.  She was in tears by the time she ended.

‘Who will marry her?  She  can’t even make round rotis! blah blah,’ cried Sheela.

Sheela’s mother asked Sheela to shut up and stop crying.

‘Neeta is a young woman living in the 21st century.  She surely has the freedom to live her life the way she wants.  Her choices are different than ours.  She is an educated woman, and a doctor too.  Her husband will surely be a sensible person.  A round roti is not a yardstick for marital bliss anyways.  And if he insists on having round rotis,  he  can learn to make it himself.’  said the grand old lady who had seen it all.

She herself could never master the art of making round rotis.


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