Another chance  #FinishTheStory

Another chance #FinishTheStory


“When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.”

‘What .. what happened?’ asked Rita fearing the worst.

The team leader did not bother to respond as he was busy with a couple of other guys trying to near the shore before the water wall comes in.

At once, Rita felt calm and sat still.  She knew it.  This is the end.  She thought of her family.  She had fought with Dave and had decided on this holiday to get away from it all.  On a normal holiday, she would have never gone for river rafting.

Suddenly,  she felt the worthlessness of it all.  The petty fights, the useless arguments, fighting for one-upmanship, constant nagging with the children and  Dave.  She thought,  if she got out of this alive, she will make it up with Dave,  be a better wife and mom.

The boat stopped.  It was wedged between some rocks. Rita saw it as a sign and thanked God.


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