#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal


This is a first time for me at the #AtoZChallenge.  I have been reading up on all the fun had by bloggers in the past years and their excitement is infectious.  One of the suggestions they have given is to have a theme.  I have been googling, looking up on old posts and everywhere for themes.  But finally,  I have decided to challenge myself further.

To keep life simpler in April,  my theme is going to be a series of short fiction stories of 100-150 words having two primary characters.

**@@@ DRUMROLLS @@@**

‘Dia is a Techie and Sameer is Not a Techie’

Since Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,  I am planning to go a step further to add a new dimension to it.  We will have ‘Dia is a Techie and Sameer is Not a Techie’.  Sameer and Dia are a married couple having two adorable children.  They have been married for over a decade and very much in love.  Though Dia is an IT professional and very familiar with all the latest emerging technologies (basically a nerd),  Sameer is a normal guy having not much knowledge about IT.  He believes in living a practical and simple life and cannot understand what the hoopla is about.  The stories will be based on these two characters and their daily life.  I hope you will have as much fun as much as I have in creating them.

Thank you for visiting!

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