My new home   #together

My new home #together


It was about 10 years ago.  We had purchased a new flat which was larger than our existing flat.  The first flat we owned had been bought from a builder and we had moved in instantly without much decorations.  But this was a resale flat.  When we had seen the flat, it was in terrible condition as it was resided in by people on rent.   But, we had liked the openness and spaciousness in the flat.  Also,  it was close to my in-laws place.  And frankly,  after 6 months of rigorous house hunting,  we were on the verge of giving up on our dream home.

But, everything fell into place in a matter of days and we were sure, this was the house meant for us.  It had all our pre-requisites – good space, large windows, airy and good light, nice view and a small balcony.    When we bought the flat, we knew that we had to completely renovate this flat and that included the floor tiles, plumbing, electrical, painting, grills, windows.  Everything had to change.

 That’s when I came to know I am pregnant with my second son.  I would be tired always with my long commute to work and the energies of my elder son who was only 5 years old then.  But, the excitement of doing up the new house and my inability to do it was a big letdown.  I wanted to choose every aspect of the house.   We had waited so long for a perfect flat and then,  I felt I would be unable to do anything.

That’s when my husband told me, ‘Don’t worry dear, we will do this #together and you will not miss any of it.’   And he stuck to his promise.  We would go together for every shopping hunt.

And it was a hilarious scene.  I used to be eternally hungry.  I would carry a packets of biscuit or fruits and a bottle of water.  Then we would get on to our motorbike (not scooter) and my hubby dear would ride it slowly and ensure that we do not hit a bad road or bumper.    Then when we would reach the shop,  seeing my baby bump,  I would immediately be offered a stool to sit and glass of water.   We must have visited umpteen tile shops, plumbing shops,  painting and furniture brochures.  And when the D-Day arrived,  both of us packed up all the stuff in the old house amazed at the junk we had accumulated in a little over 3 years.  Then got them moved to the new house.  We spent days unpacking and rearranging in the new flat.   But, that was not the end of it.  We had still not got the additional bed for the new baby and some additional cupboards in the kitchen and bedrooms.  There were also the curtains which were still pending after we moved in.  A few more trips at the end of the 8th month of the pregnancy completed all activities for the house.

The complete transformation of our house to our home was a journey in togetherness which I cherish.  He does it even now.  But what struck me and it still does, was the patience of my otherwise short tempered husband just to ensure that I did not miss out on any aspects of my new home which made it so special.