Ship of the Desert #FlashFridayFic

Shipwreck of the United Malika in Cap Blanc, Mauritania. CC photo by Jbdodane.

‘Come One, Come all! See the Ship of the Desert,’ screamed the banner in the market. The banner showed the image of a ship and then the usual camel and date palms.

Little Abdul looked at the poster and was completely hooked. He had never seen the sea or the ocean. Seeing a ship anywhere close to home was out of the question. But it cost 50 Rupees.

Ammi will not agree to let him go. She will say, ‘It’s a waste of money.’ They had just about enough to live without going hungry. Everything else was an extravagance.

Abdul waited for Abba to come home on Friday. He ran to fetch water for Abba to drink and to wash. He queried Abba about his journey.

‘Abdul, tell me what it is?’ asked Abba. Abdul was not surprised that Abba understood. He always did. Maybe older people can read young minds. Abdul told him about the Ship of the Desert banner and the cost.

At this Abba laughed and told him, ‘There is no need to go all the way to see the Ship of the Desert. You see it every day. It’s a stupid camel which they have decorated for the tourists.’

Abdul’s hopes sunk in the desert.

209 words

This post is written for Flash Friday Fiction Vol3 – 12 for the picture prompt above.  And had to include a conflict – man v/s nature.