The real Brigadier #FinishTheStory

A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.

The Brigadier was staring at the body when a group of villagers ran into the house.  They looked agitated.

‘This cannot go on,’ they said in unison.  ‘We cannot have a gang of thieves living in the village and shooting people.  The police is toothless.’

‘Brigadier, please do something about this,’ said the old man of the village.

The Brigadier was worried about these going-ons.  But he had much more to worry.  He was, in fact, not a Brigadier, and was never in any army and never fought anything.  The worst thing, he was also part of this gang of thieves, in the recent past.

He had taken the uniform, gun and other paraphernalia from a dead man long ago.  Seeing no alternative, he decided to tell the truth.

The Brigadier took a deep breath, turned to the villagers and said, ‘My dear villagers, I have something to tell you.’


This story is written for Monday Finish the Story where the first line of the story and a picture prompt is provided.  Read more stories here.