The Thirsty Crow in the City


Once upon a time, there was a crow.  He was very thirsty.  It was the month of March and the heat was beginning to increase.  He searched everywhere for water to drink and a place to make a nest.  He was living in a city now as the forests had been cleared long ago.  The trees were limited and there was no space to build a nest.  He was living on a Peepul tree on a nest which was built during the last season.  He just expanded and strengthened it a bit more.  This Peepul tree was in a prime location.  As there were no lakes or rivers nearby,  it was near to a building.   Just opposite his nest,  on the window of the second floor,  the lady of the house had kept several potted plants.  She would water it every day.  The water would accumulate in the tray under the potted plant which he used to drink.  A luxury in a concrete jungle.  He lived a well-off life in a concrete jungle.   

We see many people throwing grains and keeping troughs of water for the pigeons.  I feel the pigeons are really spoilt for choice.  But birds like crows,  sparrows and mynas,  unlike pigeons do not really feed on the grain.  They feed on little insects,  leaves,  fruits, vegetables.  Also, pigeons generally make their nests on the concrete buildings in gaps, on windows or in the flower pots.  In the concrete jungle which we made and added an inhuman increase in temperatures, the least we can do for these birds is keep some water and food.   They are the ones who need to build nests on the trees, but most of it is already cut down by us.   The day is not far when there will be no more crows and sparrows in our city, no more bird songs and chirping.

Oh.. the Peepul tree is opposite my window and I have a steady stream of visitors of the feathered kind in the mornings.   And if there is a delay in watering the plants,  the crow will come and sit on the window grill and will caw to draw our attention.   I also love to watch the sparrows playing on my balcony in the afternoons.  That’s my greatest reward I feel.

Do you also help out any of our birds or animal species?