Brave Mothers #FinishTheStory

Courtesy Barbara W Beacham

“They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.”

“The pride of lions looked at each other, satisfied with the direction the buffaloes were going.  It was just a matter of time now.  They were three.  The plan was to encircle and isolate one of the calves.

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I for Independent   #AtoZChallenge

I for Independent #AtoZChallenge

I‘I just reached Bangalore,’ said Sameer on the phone.  ‘Are you sure you will be Ok alone?  Why don’t you stay at your mother’s?  Or call her home?’

‘Sameer, Puhleeese!  You are sounding like my mom now.  I am quite independent.  I am not scared to stay alone.   I am also connected to all my friends and family via facebook, twitter, phone.  I just need to call them and they will help me out,’ cried Dia.

‘OK. OK.. Be careful!  Close the door and windows properly when you go to sleep.’  Continue reading

H for Holiday   #AtoZChallenge

H for Holiday #AtoZChallenge

Dia was furiously texting someone on her smartphone.

‘Dia, you should not be checking your social apps on a holiday!  The world will go on and everyone will be alive when you get back.  Just switch off your phone,’ said an exasperated Sameer.

‘Please Sameer, let me just check out Facebook,’ said Dia without looking up.

Dia will check Facebook, Gmail, then Hotmail, then Instagram, Pinterest and then Facebook again.  And if all this is done, then Whatsapp which is overflowing with messages.   The phone was buzzing away happily.  Continue reading

G for Gadgets    #AtoZChallenge

G for Gadgets #AtoZChallenge

‘So, how many days will you be away?’  Sameer asked Dia.

‘Three days.  But may extend to five,’ she replied continuing with the packing.

‘What are you taking?’ asked Sameer looking at her work clothes spread on the bed.

‘Three pairs of work wear, office laptop,  my Tab, my Kindle and their chargers.’ Continue reading