B for Bursting Bubbles #AtoZChallenge

B for Bursting Bubbles #AtoZChallenge

‘The bubble burst in a rainbow of colors’ said Dia still tapping away on the laptop.

‘Huh?’ asked her husband Sameer looking up from his newspaper.

‘A guy followed me on Twitter recently. We became good friends soon. We had similar choices, similar tastes. He asked me about my family’.  Sameer raised his right eyebrow.

‘I started by telling him I have a 10-year-old daughter’.

‘And…?’ asked Sameer.

‘And, the conversation stopped’. Both burst out laughing.


Selected as one of top four stories at oneframestories.com frame 20.

***This has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2015. My theme is A to Z in the life of Dia and Sameer, a geek and non-geek couple.  Short stories on their approach to daily life.  Do you know people like them?  Do share the stories with me. ***