If I am not working full time…

If I am not working full time…


Wake up.  Pack off the children to school, husband to work.  Start out on my job.  Do I like it?  Well, definitely yes,  else I wouldn’t have done it everyday of my life for almost 20 years now.  I love the energy of meeting different people,  different places, challenging work assignments.  Every day has been a different day with different challenges to conquer.  So far, so good.  But do I want to continue doing it for the rest of my life.  After being in the rat-race for so long, I have decided to slow down a bit.  The challenges have become routine.

This has led me to think up alternate careers I can have if ever I leave my job.  Many people feel after working for so many years,  we should just relax.  But, relaxing for me is not just lazing around at home.  I know I cannot do it.  I would still be working, but at a more relaxed pace, perhaps for shorter hours, doing what I love to do.  And I have many wishes to fulfill and many hats to don before I call it a day.  Here’s a list to prove I have actually been thinking about it – 

1) Writing/Blogging – To get a headstart on the writing, I started my blog to test the waters.  Can I write? Will people like what I write?  Will I write stories?  Will I write a novel? Will I want to blog and earn? So many things one can do here without even leaving the comfort of home.


2) Teaching – This noble profession was the first thing I wanted to do when I was growing up. I would like to teach children from the primary classes.  I have endless patience and have practised on my children.  I can even teach computers and programming to older children.  Or take home tuitions for small children.  Or join the ‘Teach India’ initiative of TOI.  The thought itself makes me feel happy.

3) Volunteering – I would like to become a volunteer for some social organisations like CRY, Green Peace or any local NGOs.  Maybe, after my children have flown the nest, I can look into this.  Right now they need my presence more.

4) Plant nursery – Plants are so close to my heart.  I have a dark green thumb. I can set up a nursery and grow some exotic plants.  Right now, I am planning to experiment with growing vegetables.   With plants, I will never get bored for sure.    woman-213728_1280

5) Farming – That is a dream which looks distant.  But if I ever settle down in Kerala,  that is what I will be doing with full enthusiasm.  They have many initiatives at the panchayat levels which is supported by Krishi Bhavans.  I will be growing vegetables or commercial flowers for sale.

Or, maybe, I can do all of them at the same time.  Who knows what the future will be?  But I will surely be in the middle of something.

This post was written in response to prompt from Indiblogger.in.  You can read the other posts by clicking the below link.

Which Profession/Passion would you choose if you didn’t have to Work? (Assume you have enough money for the next 40 years)

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19 thoughts on “If I am not working full time…

  1. That’s truly an interesting list of career options Lata :). If you do decide to pursue writing / blogging as a career option, I am sure you will be hugely successful :D.

  2. Thank heavens, I am not working full time. I would have been so stressed. That was one of the reasons why I gave up full-time working.

  3. Interesting choices! I’d go with first and the third from your list! The last one… well, we are already doing that and it is our core business! 🙂
    Good luck for the future and the contest too, Lata!

  4. Lata, wish you the very best for any of the ventures you wish to undertake in the future. Just one request: if you happen to take up planting a nursery, then let me know. I would love some guidance in that area! But, do go for your dreams, Lata! We have just one life!

    1. I have the grow-bags, seeds, soil ready. Now to find some time to put them together. Thank you.

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