Shopping like a woman :  with Dia and Sameer

Shopping like a woman : with Dia and Sameer

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‘Tell me which one is looking good on me?’ said the Whatsapp message from Dia.  The message also had two images of Dia in different tops.  Sameer shook his head.  He knew there is no right answer for this.

‘They look so dull,’ he responded on the same app.

‘Sam, don’t you think this will work out for the three day meeting?  I will look very formal.  Which one?? *Confused smiley*.’

‘The blue looks good.  You look smarter in it.’

‘But blue looks so ‘male’.  I think the lemon yellow looks good,’  responded Dia.

‘Ah! You are right!  Yellow looks good,’ messaged Sameer.

‘Why did she even ask me?  So much for opinions,’ thought Sameer.

After 30 minutes,  there was another message from Dia. ‘I bought both! Yipee!!  Thank you Sameer.’

Dia and Sameer are a mismatched couple.  Dia is a techie while Sameer is not.  This series explores their daily quirks and attitudes.  

25 thoughts on “Shopping like a woman : with Dia and Sameer

  1. Hahaha.. I’ve always wanted to try that.. Asking a friend for opinion while shopping via WhatsApp.
    P.S. I would trust a girl any day for shopping advice. I doubt guys even register in their minds the colour of the clothes we wear! 😛

  2. Story of my life!!! Except the hubby tells me, “Get both!” 😛 loved it… so so relatable to everyday lives…

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