A week of transitions  #WeekendCoffeeShare

A week of transitions #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, I would say…

Image courtesy : Pixabay.com
Image courtesy : Pixabay.com

Hello! Ain’t the rains lovely in Mumbai?  Mumbai monsoons have arrived and it’s been raining the whole weekend.  But I would like nothing better than to be wrapped up in warm bedsheets with the curtains pulled down.  I would part the curtains a little just to let enough light, to read my novel ‘Such a Long Journey’ by Rohinton Mistry.

It is a beautiful image.  I did start off on the book.   But,  couldn’t really be tucked in bed.  The change of seasons, from very hot to rainy and cool,  has brought in a host of viral infections.  The week had started with my elder one having a viral fever, recovering, and then the younger one catching it.  Since, he needs ‘amma’ a lot more,  I have been with him the whole weekend.  Holding him, putting him to sleep, giving him those awful medicines.  He missed his birthday celebrations and also his first day of school.  For the 10-year-old, not able to celebrate his birthday has been the saddest part.  Continue reading