Quote Challenge :  Day 1 of 3

Quote Challenge : Day 1 of 3

I’ve been seeing the ‘Quote Challenge’ doing rounds for couple of weeks now.  I have been really enjoying them.  Finally, Parul nominated me for the challenge.  Here’s my first quote and story behind the quote.


That was said by Mr. Boris Becker in 1987.   At that time, he was two times Wimbledon champion (1985, 1986) and the youngest Wimbledon champion.  On the way to a third straight singles title had lost to unknown Peter Doohan in the second round of Wimbledon.  It will remain his worst performance at Wimbledon.  He was just 19.  The press was mercilessly writing him off.  During his press conference,  he was very calm,  and then he said these famous words.   Continue reading