A week of transitions  #WeekendCoffeeShare

A week of transitions #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee, I would say…

Image courtesy : Pixabay.com
Image courtesy : Pixabay.com

Hello! Ain’t the rains lovely in Mumbai?  Mumbai monsoons have arrived and it’s been raining the whole weekend.  But I would like nothing better than to be wrapped up in warm bedsheets with the curtains pulled down.  I would part the curtains a little just to let enough light, to read my novel ‘Such a Long Journey’ by Rohinton Mistry.

It is a beautiful image.  I did start off on the book.   But,  couldn’t really be tucked in bed.  The change of seasons, from very hot to rainy and cool,  has brought in a host of viral infections.  The week had started with my elder one having a viral fever, recovering, and then the younger one catching it.  Since, he needs ‘amma’ a lot more,  I have been with him the whole weekend.  Holding him, putting him to sleep, giving him those awful medicines.  He missed his birthday celebrations and also his first day of school.  For the 10-year-old, not able to celebrate his birthday has been the saddest part. 

On my shopping trips and other trips,  my son’s friends have been asking about him and sent over messages to wish him for his birthday.  Well dear,  we will surely make up for it the next weekend when you are better,  I promised him.

This week was another milestone for my older son who is touching 16 soon.  He made his first solo trip on the Mumbai local train to meet his cousins.  I guess,  it is time to let go of the apron strings now.  I was elated and a bit sad too.  Elated, as I felt,  my little boy has grown up.  Sad, he may not need mommy for everything now.  So, let me hold on to my little one some more.  Time flies and before I know it,  he may also soon make those solo trips.

Over the weekend, I pruned my plants,  gave the soil some airing and replanted.   I have sowed some vegetable seeds for the first time and hope to grow more of my own.

And lastly,  for the Mumbai rains,  put up a clothes line inside,  for drying clothes.  As nothing can stop the Mumbai monsoon, when it pours.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

9 thoughts on “A week of transitions #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Aaww! Your son is all grown up, and ready to walk into the arms of the weird world!
    He’s somewhat nearer to my age, and hence i can tell you, I doubt it was easy for him to walk away from your apron, even if it was into the hands of loving people out there!
    DO be there for him, as always.. We teenagers really need a strong support system at home, when the world outside gets shaken and horrible to live in!

    1. Thanks Mithila. I always think of myself at that age. Life was simpler but we were equally confused. But, we do need to let go as we are still in ‘parent’ mode.

  2. Loved the different flavours of life in you post. Hope your kids are feeling better now. I love the rain, but it’s the bout of illness that it brings about ruins the mood. You must be a proud mum now, to see your son slowly becoming independent. 🙂

  3. Loved The Different Flavors Of Life In Your Post. Hope Your Kids Are Feeling Better Now. I Love The Rains, But It’s The Bought Of Illness That It Brings About Ruins The MoOd.

  4. I experienced the famous Mumbai Monsoons last year. I liked the non-stop rains for a bit but not too long 🙂 Some days I just wished for the Sun to come out and dry out everything around!
    Hope your son is feeling better now. Wishing you and your family the best of all seasons!

    1. Thanks Beloo. My son is still recovering. Not yet 100% fit. But thankfully, its a viral infection only.

  5. I live in Portland, Oregon and it rains a lot here. Basically, from October to May, it rains. If we don’t get a day or two with no rain once in a while during those months, I go crazy. I also noticed this past winter that it is making me depressed so for the coming rainy season, I bought one of those special lights to sit under to see if it helps.

    I hope your family recovers quickly from their ailments and that you get to enjoy your book!

    1. Mumbai has a differnt pattern. It rains from June to September. But its heavy to last for the whole year. It also starts just after 4 months of scorching summer. So, we all love the rains.

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