Happy First Blogiversary!

Happy First Blogiversary!

Courtesy : Pixabay.com
Courtesy : Pixabay.com

Its a year today since I started this blog.  On the blogiversary, I am very happy that I started this journey.  This is my 150th post and boy! how much I have loved the whole journey!  I have read some great stuff on other blogs,  discovered great writing tips, made even greater friends here,  and I feel the blog universe is very supportive.  It is always there to hold your hand, motivate you, to inspire you,  to nudge you to put in some words.  I love you bloggers.

Technically,  the stats read 282 WordPress followers from 53 different countries,  150 posts, 6,848 views, 82 Facebook followers.

Its the ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ from each of you which has nourished and enriched the blog.

When I started the blog,  I had no particular agenda.  I dribbled a bit.  I tried out various genres including some non-fiction, health, spirituality, poems before I discovered, I love telling stories.  And since then,  it has been more of short stories for me.  But, they are as close to life as can be.  Most of them have been inspired by real life incidents.  I hope you keep enjoying them.

Now that I have reached here,  and I know the blog and writing is not a passing fancy,  I have been making some plans.

Some of them include a regular Sunday feature (preferably humourous),  more Book Reviews, writing a novella.  All suggestions from you are welcome.

Thank you all for being such wonderful visitors and followers on my blog.

Now, that you are here,  have a seat,  fold your legs, be comfortable and Have a Hot Cup of Kaapi!

13 thoughts on “Happy First Blogiversary!

  1. Awesome Lata. Wish you 100s of more followers, likes, comments and posts. Your short stories and other writings are truly fantastic to read. Keep going :).

  2. Congrats Lata on your first blogiversary AND your 150th post: a double whammy! How exciting and good for you! 🙂 Now you go celebrate in style, fold your legs, and enjoy your cup of kaapi. 😉 Oh, and by the way, I love the non- and techie-partners whose names I currently forget! 🙂 <3

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