In search of God

In search of God

I searched

I searched far20141025_164917

I searched near

In obscure places

And in crowded bazaars

Within myself, around me

And still couldn’t find you

Do you really exist?

When the sun rises, and night turns to day

When the flower blooms, and trees get laden with fruits

When it rains, and quenches your thirst

The lakes so abundant and the fields full of rice

In an endless cycle, it churns

The weather, the food, the water, the people

The hopes and despairs, the rise and fall

In a lifetime, you will experience everything

Every emotion,  And you still wonder?

This is written for Indispire. Do you have questions for God? #QuestionsForGod 

23 thoughts on “In search of God

  1. Beautifully said. It is after all a question of faith, you either have it or you don’t. So you either believe or wonder. And the realisation has to come on its own it cannot be forced.

  2. This is a question that has no end and an answer that may never be found, for it is shaped by perceptions and personal beliefs.

    Profound writing!

  3. Used to wonder and then I answered myself pretty much the same as you did in the second verse 🙂 We just need to observe and not just see, I guess.

    1. True.. ultimately, if we believe – God exists, if we do not believe – we will find reasons and excuses.

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