Quote Challenge :  Day 1 of 3

Quote Challenge : Day 1 of 3

I’ve been seeing the ‘Quote Challenge’ doing rounds for couple of weeks now.  I have been really enjoying them.  Finally, Parul nominated me for the challenge.  Here’s my first quote and story behind the quote.


That was said by Mr. Boris Becker in 1987.   At that time, he was two times Wimbledon champion (1985, 1986) and the youngest Wimbledon champion.  On the way to a third straight singles title had lost to unknown Peter Doohan in the second round of Wimbledon.  It will remain his worst performance at Wimbledon.  He was just 19.  The press was mercilessly writing him off.  During his press conference,  he was very calm,  and then he said these famous words.  

By just putting the truth into perspective he was able to take the defeat and deal with the pressure to succeed.  What he had said,  could never be taught in a class.  That was what differentiated him as a great tennis player.

Many times,  we are upset when we lose out on our goals.  Objectives like getting a promotion,  a high-paying job  or failing an exam paper.  But, always remember, it is not the end of the world.  These are only setbacks.  And setbacks are temporary.  Use setbacks to introspect on what went wrong and next time, come back stronger to meet the goals.

2015 is also the 30th anniversary of Boris Becker winning his first Wimbledon title.  I have been his fan ever since he walked away with the Wimbledon trophy in 1985.

Today I nominate the bloggers who are following their passions which is different from their jobs; Ravish Mani,  Jiths, Shefali Rao.

Thank you Parul for nominating me for this wonderful challenge.

This is what the 3-Day Quote Challenge is all about.

1. Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own.
2. Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them.
3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

** Image courtesy : Boris Becker’s Facebook page.

19 thoughts on “Quote Challenge : Day 1 of 3

  1. What a quote that is and for a 19 year old such a mature thing to say. We have so much to learn from him. Thanks for taking up the challenge and sharing that quote. I loved it 🙂

  2. There are lot to learn from failure than success. A great quote, Lata. And thanks for nominating me. I just finished a challenge last week. I’ll do it again but not very soon. Hope its okay! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ravi.. I did see your quote and had liked it. So nominated you again. Take your time, no hurry. Quality over quantity.

  3. If he said that when he was 19, he is a great tennis player as well as a great person 🙂
    Well got nominated again. Now I will have to do it! Will do soon

  4. Such wise words of wisdom from someone so young! 🙂 Glad that he was able to put things in proper perspective and inform the media as such! 😉 <3

    1. He did go on to win at Wimbledon again and many more final appearances there. For me, he is the greatest tennis player.

  5. Such profound words and a great lesson too. True, failures or setbacks are not the final. In fact they are the best teachers and are stepping stones to further success.

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I see today’s youngsters giving up on trivial reasons. They need to be more tolerant, I feel.

  6. Well said. Perspective makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing this, Lata.

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