Scream   #WordyWednesday

Scream #WordyWednesday

munch-scream-247514_1280Meeta covered her ears to shut out the screaming noise.  After a while, it was all quiet.  She removed her hands that covered her ears.  Was it real?  She wondered.  It was absolutely quiet in the flat she lived in.  Maybe, it was in her head.  Or did someone really scream?

She went to the balcony to look outside.  From the 24th floor, it was an other worldly experience to look outside.  She could only see the children playing in the garden.  The garden lights giving out a beautiful glow.  The vehicles on the road, with their yellow lights on, gently, throbbing in a neat line.  But no sound reached her.  No children giggling or honking from the roads.  She looked up at the sky.  It was velvety black.  There was no moon.  The city lights made sure that no stars can be seen.

She walked back to her bedroom, and switched on the TV.  There was some serial going on.  She put the TV on mute and went back to reading her book.

She heard it again.  The scream.  But, this time, she knew it was not her imagination.  She opened the door to check outside the flat.

The scream had come from the neighbor’s flat.

She felt it’s not her business to intrude into other people’s private matters or homes.  She turned to return to her flat.  There was a smothering sound.  Suddenly, she panicked.  Wouldn’t she want someone to help her if ever she was in a similar situation?

Living alone, she could very well be a victim.  She decided to investigate further.  Civility can take a break.  She tiptoed to the neighboring flat and rang the doorbell.

Complete silence.     There were scuffling noises coming from inside and bangs on the door.

Then the lady behind the door screamed ‘Help! Help me!’

That convinced Meeta.  She dialed the police number from her cell phone.


16 thoughts on “Scream #WordyWednesday

  1. Nicely written story :). In today’s world people really don’t bother helping others mostly either because of lack of humanity or since people don’t want to actually get involved in matters concerning the police and the courts.

  2. I want to know what happened next. Meeta as a dutiful ccitizen did the right thing to inform the Police.

  3. Meeta absolutely did the right thing! Nobody wants to “get involved” these days and that took some courage, but she may have saved a life.

    1. I dont know what I will do in such a circumstance. But, I hope, I will be brave enough to help.

  4. I thought she might ignore, going by the way people behave now a days, no humanity at all. But, I really liked how you wrote it and built up the tension.

  5. If I were to stay on the 24th floor of a building, I would have probably dismissed the scream as a figment of my imagination and rolled back to sleep.
    Really nice story with the help of the prompt! 🙂

    1. In a city, people are becoming more and more insensitive to such acts. Everyone keeps to self. Many crimes can be stopped if we are more alert and willing to step out of our comfort zones. Thanks Shailaja.

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